The City of the Dead

Olá! I think it's time for a little bit darker topic. Cemetery. To be exact - Cemitério da Conchada. Oh yeah! When me and my two Erasmus girlfriends told to our roomies, that we want to go on a trip to the cemetery, they laughed, but, trust me, there is nothing to laugh about. (I know you're reading guys.) For me visiting a cemetery means a way of getting to know the history and also the culture of the city/country.

The place is beautiful. Not only because of the surroundings. The first thing that hits you is houses.  Not normal ones. I mean little houses for dead people. It is morbid, creepy and stunning at the same time. The architecture is incredible. Every detail is perfect. Inside of them you can see coffins covered with (mostly) white cloth. 

It reminds me of the cemetery from 'The Originals'. (Yes, I still watch this TV show and now I 'm blushing because I told you...) Place for crazy rituals, dark magic, witchcraft and many revivals from death. The energy of this place is honestly crazy! 

The oldest grave we've found is from the year 1860. I mean, that's not that old but still it's pretty something. In the cemetery you can also find new graves and also house with three floors of shelves filled with coffins. Mental. 

I promise you guys, that next time the topic will be more positive. Still I think that if you're ever in Coimbra, this is one of the best places to visit. 

Bonus photos of Coimbra:



Rainy Day in Leiria

Before I went to Portugal, I didn't know that there exists such place as Leiria. But my roommates knew. It was a little bit spontaneous trip (and also my first one here) however, I'm glad I went, even though it was raining for the most of the trip. 

We went on Sunday morning, so the city was a ghost town. Closed stores, restaurants, only some cafeterias were opened. We chose one of them on the main square and drank coffee while watching the world go by. You know what they say: "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee." And also, that day was raining. A lot. You can see how dark and grey the sky was in the pictures.

In Leiria you can find many churches. You can see crosses and steeples everywhere. The one we've seen is called Sé de Leiria.

The most interesting thing in this beautiful city is definitely Castelo de Leiria. I love castles. When I was writing the name of this post my fingers were itching to write "Castle On the Hill" (maybe that's because I'm obsessed with the Ed Sheeran's new album)

You can climb up the castle and pretend that you're still a kid. The space is open and you can go everywhere. For entrance you have to pay something around 1€, but I think that is more than ok for such a beautiful place. By the way, the view is incredible. Especially from the tower and balcony. I added pictures of everything below this text. The balcony is the best place to sit and enjoy the view. 

Totally soaked we got back to the city, mainly because we were hungry, bought some food and sat by the river. It wasn't raining anymore and sun somehow managed to dry most of the benches. The specific area around the river is called Parque Municipal de Leiria - the best place for sport activities in this city. It includes skate park for those, who are interested, and playground for kids. For me it would be the perfect place for running.

After that we went home. Next time I am in Leiria, I need to visit more churches and I'm definitely going, when the weather is better.



A Letter To Lisbon

Dear Lisbon,

you pretty thing, you stole my heart and soul. I didn't think that there is so much magic in you, but there is. Walking through your streets was like being in a fairy tale land. Beautiful buildings in which I wanna live immediately, parks, where I just wanna sit on the bench and drink coffee...Oh yeah...Coffee...That brings me to another point. I've found the best coffee shop. It's name is "Fábrica Coffee Roasters" and they have everything, I mean EVERYTHING, I need for living. Understand: Cold Brew and Pastel de Nata. (I'm not even mentioning other cakes and many types of specialty coffee.) They also have their own merchandise, did you know? Next time I'm definitely buying one of the tote bags. *BIG FAN* I promise this isn't an ad, I just fell in love with this place, and if anyone is a coffee addict, this is the place to go.

Me and my friends stayed in your streets only for a weekend. I wish we could stay longer, because two days are just not enough. The second day I've also been on that famous tram you have. I know, insane! If you'd told me a year ago, I'd thought you're crazy! I got to see the São Jorge Castle, where the view is stunning (I actually took there the picture above.). As I said earlier, I felt  like in some fairy tale. Tangerine, lemon and olive trees everywhere, Atlantic Ocean in front of you...just try to imagine it for a while and let yourself drift into the world, where is peace and quiet....

After this kind of meditation ended, it was time to let go and move to another place - the Torre de Belém. On the way I was really tempted to buy one (understand definitely more...) Pastel de Nata in my favourite place to get this sweet delight "The World Needs Nata". Luckily the girls stopped me from ruining myself financially and I had to resist. 

We needed to take a bus to the Torre de Belém, because it is far from the castle. The way goes under the 25 de Abril Bridge, which reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. If you follow me on Instagram, you could see on my Instastories. When we got off the bus, I was mostly excided about the ocean. I was lucky that on the second day of my trip the weather was very nice. Warm and sun was shining...Dreamy... 

By the ocean, there was a lot of food stalls. Yeah, sellers know what people like. And people seemed pretty happy, maybe because of the sun, maybe beause of you know - Portugal. Some of them were jogging, some you could see riding a bike, but most of us were just walking and enjoyng the sunshine, By the way, around the tower is a lot of turists and men selling sunglasses and selfie-sticks. The only annoying thing. 

I can tell you, the best place where to go when you don't want to spend a lot of money on food or you're just broke is "100 Montaditos". Spanish fast food where on Wednesdays and Saturdays have so called "Euromania", which means, most of the stuff coasts only 1€! And I assure you, you wan't find cheaper fast food here than this. So you know by now that this had to be our last stop before going home.

Me and me friends didn't manage to go on the other side of the bridge to see the Cristo Rei statue. But, at least now we know we need to get back to you, Lisbon, as soon as possible.